The seller has an obligation to provide information

If you buy a house, you’d like it to be used in a normal fashion. Are there (hidden) flaws, then it is possible that you can use the property that way. It is the obligation of the seller to inform you about the state of the home and anything that can affect your living pleasure.

What if the seller does not mention all faults?
Are the hidden defects, then the question is whether the seller knew. That’s not always easy to figure out. That is why it is good to give the seller an opportunity to repair the damage.

Am I required to do research yourself?
You yourself have an obligation to do the research on the home you’d like to purchase. Also you are expected to notice obvious defects itself and come to an agreement about the repairs.

You want to make sure that nothing is overlooked? We provide a building or structural inspection!

What do I need to arrange I buy a House with my partner?
Ending a relationship: If you buy a house with your partner, it’s a good idea to make arrangements in a cohabitation contract or in partnership or marriage contract. For example about how the furniture is distributed if you apart. Who pays what part of the mortgage. Or how much money each party provided up front.

In the event of your death: according to the law, the property will pass automatically to the surviving partner. But this automatism applies only to married couples or people with a registered partnership. If you’re ‘ just ‘ living together, then you must have a cohabitation contract or will that the dwelling will be passed on to the remaining partner. If you’re single then the property will pass to your legal heirs. Would you like to determine who inherits your property, then you better have a will drawn up. You can have the cohabitation contract, the partnership or marriage contract or a will at the same time as the transfer.

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