The notary

Parties may certainly contact the notary in Suriname to work on the conclusion of a contract of sale. This is a notarial document in which all agreements between seller and buyer of the plot/house can be found. Issues such as the purchase price, (temporary) conditions and delivery date. A preliminary purchase agreement is binding for both parties. The sale can only be dissolved on the basis of precedent if these are included in the purchase agreement. A preliminary purchase agreement is not required, but we definitely recommend. It can be seen as a guarantee that both parties agree upon. The notary will also make to formal deed. In the case a mortgage is necessary, the notary also makes a mortgage deed. The ownership of the property is transferred by the seller onto the buyer by signing the delivery certificate (legal delivery). The notary will send a copy of the certificate for registration in the public registers (GLIS). Prior to the transfer of ownership, the notary is obliged to carry out an intensive research of the seller and to any obligations. The notary also ensures that both parties observe the agreements and obligations included in the contract of sale.
The property or the plot is to be delivered without mortgage or obligations. A timely deposit of the purchase price is a big part of a successful transaction.

The purchase price can be financed in cash or by a third party. The buyer can turn to the bank, an insurance company or pension fund for funding. The property that’s being purchased in Suriname, will remain as collateral with the financier, who has the right to sell the property in the case that the buyer fails to comply with its obligations. The financier has the right of summary execution. This right of mortgage should be mentioned in a deed. The notary will, of course, register the mortgage deed at GLIS.

Lease hold ground is all land on which the right of ownership is not proven by others. Every Surinamese (or Surinamese legal person) has the right to obtain a title to a lease hold ground for construction, habitation or the practice of agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture etc. for the duration of 40 years.
Upon approval of the application the applicant is issued a prepared statement that he should meet the following conditions:
• survey of the ground by a sworn land surveyor and submitting it to the Minister;
• deposit of fees and stamp duties.
The land can be transferred to third parties after permission from the State is obtained. The permission is always given, provided that the destination is not guaranteed, the land management is damaged, or in any other way the general interest with the transfer is served.

Requirements for transfer:
• transfer to a resident or a legal person established in Suriname;
• Transfer shall be made by consent of the Minister;
• The transfer cannot take place within 2 years after the right of ground rent.

The notary also makes the following for you:
• Estate formation or separation;
• prenuptial agreement;
• Formatting a final will.

Renaissance Realty has a collaboration with four notaries, where we get a discount for our clients and deliver a transfer-ready file.


Julianastraat 10
Notary: Mr. Annoesma Pancham gehuwd Ramlakhan
T: 521433

Mahonylaan 22
Notary: Mr. Jamila Anurekha Jadnanansing
T: 476579/ 422570

Julianastraat 21
Mr. Christiaan Albert Calor
Mr. Vikash Gangaram-Panday
Mr. Vikash Gangaram-Panday
Mr. Melissa Nicole Morpurgo
Mr. Dave Alexander Tien-Fo Calor
T: 473892

Notary: Mr. Madhuri Aradhana Nannan Panday
T: 521160/ 521162
F: 521165

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